Tracking Conversions in a Dental Practice

What do we track for medical or dental practices at Tracking Conversions?  Well, really all sorts of things, but at a minimum appointment requests, contact us forms, emails to the info@ email and in coming phone calls.

Here is a screen shot from a basic set analytics set up.


Tracking Conversions for a dental practice

This tracking period being squarely in the holiday season the statistics are pretty low, but this does show how important it is to not just track appointment requests.  Note the number of phone calls for that given period.  Even though appointment requests were reasonably slow the number of phone calls is pretty impressive.  This is set up to track just one specific phone number found on the home page of the site.  So no one would have this number outside of having been to the site to get it.  Their “regular” number is the number they have used for years that shows up in print a small phone book ad and other direct mail marketing.

Just looking at appointment request tracking can drastically undervalue how many prospects, clients and patients are using your website to find you.  Get creative when tracking conversions.

Got any questions?  Want to set up some call tracking?  Give us a shout.

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