Google’s Link Disavow Tool – Is it a fiendish trap?

So ever since Penguin 2.whatever hit last Spring everyone has been all about Google’s new disavow tool.  For those of you who haven’t heard Google slapped the life out of countless websites out there who hadn’t toed the line and bought links from all sorts of bad places in hopes of ranking their sites.  Most […]

PageRank Update From Google Effective NOW

So for those of you who follow the exciting world of SEO, we have the sports excitement equivalent of an SEC upset.  (like the use of SEO and SEC in the same sentence?  I know ya do) Let’s go back to October of this year.  Matt Cutts (Google’s head engineer in charge of “WebSpam” whose […]

Tracking Email Marketing | Some Surprising Findings

From what we see from clients email still remains one of the most misunderstood and under utilized marketing techniques out there.  We have clients that want to spend $1000 on pay per click but haven’t ever tried emailing their 500 person email list.  I will even admit that I have my spells of thinking that […]

Tracking Conversions in a Dental Practice

What do we track for medical or dental practices at Tracking Conversions?  Well, really all sorts of things, but at a minimum appointment requests, contact us forms, emails to the info@ email and in coming phone calls. Here is a screen shot from a basic set analytics set up.   This tracking period being squarely […]