Tracking and Testing Online Forms and Conversions

Tracking and Testing Conversion Rates For Different Appointment Request Form Lengths So we all hate long forms we have to fill out online – right?  Anyone have any tracking and testing results to prove it?  Well , I do . . . Well here is a really interesting test we ran for a dentist.  Basics […]

What is SEO?

So my best definition of “SEO” is the art of getting a site to rank where those most interested in what you have to sell or offer are already searching.  We are not looking for the path less taken here – we want to be jumping out into measurable traffic with our message. Now in […]

Using Email To Drive Online Conversions

How We Use Email To Drive Conversions. When working with new Tracking Conversions clients we always like to make sure we cover the basic things first.  So, one of the first things we do is hammer through establishing a well focused strategy for email marketing to that client’s existing list. This does a couple of […]

Gmail Changes the Way It Deals with Images in Emails

So Google is up to changing things with Gmail again this week. This time there are likely both good and bad things in the mix for email marketers. So in short Google is now going to STOP asking you if you want to open images within your emails.  If there is an image in an […]