Tracking Conversions

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We Call It Tracking Conversions . . .

Goal Completions

What is a Conversion?

We help you define and track what a conversion is to you.  Traffic and visitors is one thing, but having those visitors buy something, request an appointment or download a report is another thing entirely. If you aren’t tracking users on your site in general and conversions in particular – your site is probably closer to a glorified, online business card than it is the lead generation machine it should be.
Goal Flow

Tracking What Matters

Spend any time in Google forums on analytics and you will hear riveting terms like “vanity metrics”, “goal conversion rates” and “unique visitor value”.  As exciting as this is to us, we understand that what is important to our clients is how do these effect their paycheck.  We don’t sugar coat or mince words.  We talk in real world language about how to get more leads out of a web site – period.
Split Test

Testing, Testing, Testing

Anyone who tells you they know what works online and doesn’t have reams of test results to back it up is very likely full of it.  It’s just too easy these days to say you have the “magic bullet”.  Do you really want to risk your business on some mysterious “magic bullet” that you haven’t ever experienced in any other facet of your life?  Or do you want 5 years of online marketing experience and the countless split tests, online successes and failures that level of experience brings with it?
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What we don’t do . . .

We love cutting edge design and complicated user interfaces as much as the next geek, but we aren’t the guys to build that for you.  We don’t do pretty, pink ponies and we don’t do ten layers of flash across a bilateral plane that could freeze a super computer.  We focus on conversions and lead generation.  You want pretty pink ponies?  Lovely – let me refer you to . . . .

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Tracking Conversions

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