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What is a Conversion?

We help you define and track what a conversion is to you.  Traffic and visitors is one thing, but having those visitors buy something, request an appointment or download a report is another thing entirely. If you aren’t tracking users on your site in general and conversions in particular – your site is probably closer to a glorified, online business card than it is the lead generation machine it should be.

Tracking What Matters

Spend any time in Google forums on analytics and you will hear riveting terms like “vanity metrics”, “goal conversion rates” and “unique visitor value”.  As exciting as this is to us, we understand that what is important to our clients is how do these effect their paycheck.  We don’t sugar coat or mince words.  We talk in real world language about how to get more leads out of a web site – period.

Testing, Testing, Testing

Anyone who tells you they know what works online and doesn’t have reams of test results to back it up is very likely full of it.  It’s just too easy these days to say you have the “magic bullet”.  Do you really want to risk your business on some mysterious “magic bullet” that you haven’t ever experienced in any other facet of your life?  Or do you want 5 years of online marketing experience and the countless split tests, online successes and failures that level of experience brings with it?

We are building solution that solves your business challenges.

What is a Conversion?

A conversion can be anything from a purchase on your online store to an online form being completed that creates a lead in your CRM.  We can help you wade through all the options and find what conversion metrics are likely most important to you and help you track and optimize those particular actions.

What Can You Track?

As privacy rules regularly change what we can track it is always a good practice to make sure you are tracking core metrics first.  In most cases we track a number of useful metrics like where the user came from if they had previously seen an ad or came from a news article etc.

Why is it Important to Track Conversions?

Most companies live on sales or leads to some degree.  If you are non-profit raising money to do good projects or you are selling t-shirts and hats online it always helps to know more about where your best prospects and customers came from and therefore how to get more of those wonderful folks to your site.  We can help you dig through the data and find just that.

We are building solution that solves your business challenges.

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